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Monday, May 24, 2010

Copic Carazy - or just plain crazy??!!

Copic Ca-razy!!!!

Okay I knew I had a problem when I ordered my first 10 copics and instantly fell in love with these $5.00 markers.  But the craze continues - I just went from 96 markers to 126 in the blink of an eye and I already have a list of the ones that I want to buy next!  I rapidly outgrew my original storage option -

I had to find a new way to store them so I purchased 6 acrylic boxes from Michael's and adhered them together with double sided tape.  With this new method I am able to sort my copics into color families which will make my coloring just that much easier as I will not have to go searching as much for colors.  I hope that this method lasts me awhile - and I love the empty space.  That leaves room for more copics!  Yeah!  This method allows for me to grow my collection by adding more acrylic boxes on the side when (I won't say if) I need too.

The best sites I have found for copics are & oozaks!!  Both have super fast shipping.  If you find a copics anonymous site, please let me know - my husband will thank you!


  1. WOW! what a BEEEEAUTIFUL rainbow!!!

    I saw somewhere a pic of copics stored similar to this but each box had dividers that created an "x" shape so you actually could break the one box into 4 groups. But I'm thinking you won't need smaller divisions but will just need to double the full boxes soon anyway with the way your collection is growing...


  2. OMG! Look at all those Copics! There is no such thing as craziness when you are also making beautiful things!

  3. And then there's the refil inks :D

  4. Oh I know Dee - that is what I had to start on this month ;-)


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