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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coffee Collar Album

It is amazing what you can do when you push yourself!  I made a tea sampler out of coffee collars!  When you start to craft & scrapbook you never look at ordinary things the same.  You find yourself holding things up and wondering.....hmmmm, what could I make out of this.  I recently purchased a bind-it-all (BIA) and must say that I love it!  This is the early workings of it.  I have glued the bottoms of the collars shut and I am going to add several tea flavors!  It was so simple and fun to make - would make a great gift for someone as the possibilities are endless!

I used four coffee collars and covered them in patterned paper.  I bound them with my BIA and then embellished it with prima, liquid pears, glossy accents & stamped images.  I am going to add a few final finishing touches and then I will be ready to give it away! 

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  1. Cammi- That's fabulous! Your partner will love it!


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