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Saturday, February 20, 2010

WOW - what a weekend!

This has been quite the weekend for me.  Yesterday my dear laptop died - taking with it many of my pictures and such - I always say that I am going to backup my files.  Well I learned the hard way that, guess what - you should back up your files!  Fortunately I have a lot of pics on discs and can recover most of them.  But save yourselves the hassle of losing your precious memories and back up your computers.
Today is an exciting day for me.  I have completed all of my required school work for college and now just have to await my grades.  I am graduating in May from the University of Jacksonville with my bachelor's degree in nursing.  My job currently does not compensate for a BSN, but for the most part I did it for myself.  It feels so good to have it under my belt.  It is amazing how school can come in between you and your love of crafting.  One less thing to do leaves so much more time to make cards.

One of the things that I have started since I have picked up crafting & scrapbooking is becoming a chemo angel.  It is an amazing foundation - you are paired with someone diagnosed with cancer and you send them a card and/or small gift once a week.  It has been rewarding to do chemo buddy is a 7 year old boy whom I love to make cards for.  Due to the economy they have seen a drop in the number of chemo angels.  If you are interested please sign up at - you will not be sorry.

Have a great day all - cannot wait to get busy crafting!

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