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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Treat - Chipboard house

I entered into another swap. This one is a house swap where we alter chipboard houses based on the monthly theme. January's theme was a sweet shop - I redid this house 3 times before I was happy enough with it to be able to give it to my partner.
We normally mail them out to our partner, but I am fortunate enough to have a partner close by and we are going to meet up to exchange houses when she gets back in to town.
This month we are working on a Irish pub - have so many ideas brewing around for that one, just hope that I can make it work. We shall see.
We were supossed to get more snow yesterday in Virginia Beach, but only got a dusting. Whew......sorry for all those in DC that did get it! Be safe out there! The snowy weather did give me an excuse to sit in the house and craft. I am loving the time that I spend crafting as it makes me feel so relaxed. I have challenged myself to stop buying new items and use what I already have on hand, as I have become quite the collector. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and we will see how this goes!

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