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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Batman Birthday Invites!!

I am really excited for my nephews 5th birthday and even more excited that I wll be able to head home to see my family for this event.  When I called my nephew on the phone and asked him what kind of party he wanted (part of me was hoping he would say Toy Story - so that I could justify the purchase of that cricut cartridge) he thought - for a very long time before he settled on Batman.  Hmmmm, now that is a cartridge that I did not own, so one late night me and Ebay had a battle and I won the cart for $10 - YEAH!!!  I had so much fun thumbing through the booklet for this cartridge and immediately ideas began flowing through my head. 

This is the inside of the invite:
I used the envelope on page 59 of the handbook, cut at fit to page with a 12x12 mat.  The invite is computer printed and layered with yellow cardstock.

This is the front of the invite:
I used the batman sign from page 37.  I just used the layer and cut it out in yellow.  I figured the black backgound was enough to make it pop.  I outlined the symbol with yellow stickles to make it stand out a little more.
This is the back of the invitation.  It just has the batman symbol that comes with the envelope.  I used some envelope gum to give the symbol the ability to close the invite. 

I am mailing these off to my sister on Tuesday and cannot wait to hear my nephews reaction!

Thanks for looking!


  1. THis is very cute and would lpve to use it for my grandsons 4th birthday invites. Just a question though what are the sizes of the yellow round symbol and the yellow bat?


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